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stop beating myself up for small failures

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I’m getting to a place where what’s in the past, stays in the past and leave it alone!! not easy but doable.


I started a job three months ago and though I have been asked to go permanent, I won’t. For one, I like to go to work and not feel that I’m not good enough; They take you on the first day and push you to do fast, fast, and to me you have to work your way on to that; Anyway, today, I was asked to wrap some things;(a nice envelope type procedure to put stuff in for hospitals) and was “asked” if I remembered how to do that? I said yes and did it; I feel a bit inadequate on this because I learned to do it but they got someone who was new there and taught her to do it while I was out due to injury and she got it; yet I understand that different strokes for everyone; so this is one thing I am really trying to overcome; to not let no one’s opinion hurt;

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