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Be two people with one set of shared goals

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You need to listen to song 10 on the Mika album to really understand the depth of feeling and utter hopelessness that our love for each other was manifesting. Neither of us could bear to listen to the song knwoing that in reality that was what faced us.


Things change and so do circumstances. We found ourselves both unable to bear the thought of living forever without each other and so are not. We are together having the luxury of being able to be two people with one set of goals for real.

It is not easy but it IS worth it.


This been very hard over the holiday period, not being able to see, hear and touch each other, but after last weeks meeting I believe we are both so glad to be back in touch. I so did miss the touch of my soft English rose.

Col. Mustard


Mrs. scarlett’s beautiful step-daughter, Miss Scarlett, combines her hatred of her step-mother with her attraction to men, by having an affair with Colonel Mustard. But she occasionally puts him aside to have some disastrous relationships with a few other male acquaintances.


The military fiancée of Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard also has the occasional fling with her step-daughter: Miss Scarlett. Colonel Mustard is a former SAS officer with an elusive past.


Colonel Mustard and Ms Scarlet would like to invite you to join them as they explore the many facets of each other as they spend time together and get to know each other. Rightly or wrongly this is not a condoned love however we find ourselves in the situation of having met, connected and now becoming lovers, in all senses of the word.

Both of us have discovered 43 things and part of our ongoing linking has been to develop our own unique joined list of 43 things that we wish to do and experience together. Hence Scarlet and Mustard was born!

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