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After a week of full-time writing, I’ve finally finished writing my thesis! With some kind of final sprint today, as you can see in the graph I’ve made from the numbers in all previous posts.

As usual I’m not quite satisfied with the end result. Especially the last chapter/conclusion is a bit rushed. You could perhaps say that I did that intentionally (and also due to time issues), so I can test my supervisor. If he approves this, I will seriously doubt his expertise! But on the other hand, I’ll be very happy if I don’t have to write another word. ;)

Nite nite!

Three days to go

Today I start with a wordcount of 16072 words. This means I’ve written 2737 words yesterday! I hope I will finish chapter 4 today and start collecting information for the next chapter (which is also the conclusion!)

Keep up the good work

Yesterday I started with 11592 words, because I hadn’t written much the day before. But today I start with 13335 words, meaning I’ve written 1743 words in one day. Woohoo!

I have to keep on working

My wordcount is at the moment 11312. But I must add that I’ve added some parts from summaries I wrote earlier, and they are still in Dutch and in shorthand like ‘sentences’. So I have to rewrite about 875 of those 11k words.

Did some work yesterday (sunday...)

9450 Words so far. This means 3,5 chapters (hoping to finish chapter 4 today) and 25 pages.

Feeling happy

I’m not planning on writing today, because I also have to work on my project in order to graduate. This project will be a prototype of a concept that I came up with based on the research in my thesis.

But I’ve done quite a lot yesterday, so I wanted to let you all know that I now have 8466 words, and that chapter 3 is more or less finished! This means that I’ve written 1382 words yesterday!

13 days left

Starting at 7084 words today, maening I’ve only written 627 words yesterday.

By the way, I have to hand in the complete version at august 11th. Hence the title of this post.

The journy continues

Today I start with my wordcount on 6457 words. This means I’ve written 1025 words yesterday!

Still not quite motivated

But I know that I like making lists. Just like the other ‘things’ on this site: reading books, watching films, I like to keep track of the things I’ve done (books I’ve seen, films I’ve watched) in Excel or whatever.

So why not do this with my thesis? If I look at this project as a ‘listable thing’, if I can check off things I’ve done, perhaps I can make some progress.

So from now on I’ll be keeping track of my wordcount. My last paper I wrote (and was very keen of it), had about 14000 words. I think this thesis will end up having more, but its a starting point.

So far I’ve written 5432 words (what a nice number!) and I plan on adding at least a thousand words each day and list it on this site.

Only 2,5 weeks to go

I can’t seem to sit down and continue writing. Even doing the dishes is more interesting than writing the stupid thing. Aaaaaarrg!

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