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I’m doing good. Well, I’m hanging in there anyways. This week is a killer…no days off—ACCK!

I am not feeling particularly mysterious today…Felt a bit sexy as I dressed for clinical. Ramonaaaaaaaaaaaaa was right…nice underthings are great.

Guess I’ll be shopping (not at that bitch VICKY’S) for nicer underthings…makes me feel like a million bucks!

hey everyone!

How’s your weekend been??? I am beat! It’s been GO GO GO since Thursday am…hell, I need the work week to come along just to slow down!

Love those new avatars! GREAT JOB!

hi everyone!

Well, lemme just say briefly that JOURNEY FRIGGINROCKED!

ohman…how cool was that???

How’s the world treating you today? I am a bit sleepy from a late night and am doing some new type of dog discipline (not for me, for my dog)and it’s not easy.

What’s new in your world?

good morning

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.. and then I had to go to work. Noteworthy today is: Judge Wapner’s birthday is today. He’s like 85’ish. It’s one day until Journey. DH comes home in 3 days!

Just checking in on you all, seeing how the world is treating you. So far so good here. 2 cutie HVAC techs are here to put in my new heat pump and I AM THRILLED…so, I gotta quit jackin’ around on here and go get ready.

Of not

I got an invitation

Now I don’t know if I qualify on the “mysterious” or the “sexy” part, but I am ALL brunette…through and through.

Thanks RAMONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I’m pretty excited about this!

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