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pay off my credit cards

37 cheers


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okay, back to this goal

CRIPES…how do end up here??

Okay, so Driver needs more back surgery eh? We had saved our taxes for a vacation, but see’ins how he needs his back cut on, we decided to pay off as much as humanly possible to try to make it possible for us to live while he’s out on ‘sick leave’.

So, down to about $6000. better than the $12K I started with. all this and a bag of chips. Who can beat it?

I have paid off

all my credit card debt, EXCEPT for the one that has 1.9% interest.

They didn’t get paid off as i ran outta money and they have low interest, so they were low man on totem pole to get paid.

So, while a HUGE HUGE HUGE chunk is taken out, I still have a bit more to do, so I am leaving this active.
IT IS SO TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will happen thursday


So, I noted to Mike,

that I opened up two new accts. both have low low LOW interest on balance transfers…so I am taking advantage of that option and transferring my balances to them.

Makes sense right? pay less in interest for the next six months…seems reasonable.

We are refinancing our home. Virtually the same interest…now, what do we pay off with the cash out? Paying off the boat and the truck. THinking about paying off the cc’s.

Probably should.
Although, I’d really prefer to get new windows put into the house.

okay, so I was knocking ye old

mastercard down (why do I have 3 mastercards???) to well under $600! I am so pleased with my self. Yep, pleased as punch.

then, when I recieved the updated bill today, I noted my interest rate. It’s not the hellacious 21% as I had thought, but a mere 12%—so that MASTERCARD that’s raping me of my money is NOT paid down! In fact, by dumb luck, the damn thing is GROWING! I PAID DOWN ON THE WRONG FRIGGINCARD!

I could just smack myself in the forehead and call myself billybob.





I paid off that pesky walmart card. And, I’m giving it to the kids to cut up. Now, I just have to cancel the acct.


I cut the bastard up

the one with high interest! I cut it up and threw it the hell out.

Fuck’em. Let me pay this off and be done with that high interest crap!

So, I got aggressive again with this.

My debt to income ratio leaves me open for nothing else. Which isn’t currently a problem, but what if….fill in the blank.

And, furthermore, I hate paying that damn interest off. So, back to the aggressive paying of the credit cards.

Oh, by the way, this will be a credit card FREE christmas. It’s either all cash or not get “it”.

I think the American Way

is to have some sort of credit card debt. Well, it is what it is. I so wish there was an ongoing goal place, as this would go there.
Today I took a bite outta Driver’s Visa and tomorrow a bite out of my mastercard. I’d like to say that within 6 to ten months they’d be paid off, but I can tell you that there is going to be a concert or a roadtrip and VOILA, It’s jacked up a bit again.

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