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Bowl over 200


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Sean Dunx has written 3 entries about this goal

246... yeah, in practice

I rocked it hardcore the other day. I would’ve had a 266 but I guttered my second ball in the tenth. I was fuming!! But I followed with another strike. Sadly, this was just in practice. My highest league score is a 192, so until I get that 200 (maybe tonight) I won’t be satisfied.

Week 4, 9-28-07

I started and finished strong, but my middle game sucked. 187,128,191. My two highest and second lowest games of the season. My teammate pointed out that I was bowling angry the second game, and he was right. Next week I’m traveling, but the week after that I’m 95% sure of a 200+ game. Tonight was my highest series ever at 506. My average jumped 15 pins to 168.

Sunshine State Federal Fridays

This is the name of my bowling league. My teammates suck (and they know it) but our hadicaps are 90%/230 so we usually win one or two regardless. My average this season is 151 and my high game is 172. My high during practice today was 179, but over 7 games I averaged 149. I’ll practice tomorrow morning and Friday afternoon. The strikes I throw are rather pretty, but they are fleeting.


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