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get my black belt


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Did it.

After a grewelling 4.5 hour grading i have finally gained Shodan in Shukokai Shito-Ryu karate. I’ve got allot of work to do before grading for Nidan in two years time.


Grading this saturday. at toowoomba pcyc.

Picking up the pace

So it’s the end of school holidays and most of the other martial arts clubs are returning to training after the end of the 2010 breakup, Toowoomba Shito Ryu is about to start it’s regular training after finishing holiday training, weekend training is about to start again so i’m already training 3 times a week as a base, add in the odd Wednesday training thats 4 times a week. i trained 3 nights in a row and the pace is beginning to intensify.

The Countdown

Starting at the middle of last year,After a Six month break, i advanced from 3rd kyu Blue belt to 2rd kyu Brown belt with 5 weeks training. 1 School term later i tested for !st kyu Brown belt. I’m intending to grade for Black Belt ShoDan in July 2011, However Getting a job and work commitments have prevented me from training for about a month. However i Train at home as much as possible.


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