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get in shape

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SearedHeart has written 8 entries about this goal

Good for me

I took this picture a week ago in Vegas (I’m on the left). I saw how it came out and I actually liked how I looked. I’m proud of myself. :D

I like my body. I feel good. I feel sexy. Job well done for me, I say.

Week 10

I’m determined to drag my sorry butt to the gym three times this week. Wish me luck. (I hate getting up @ 6 a.m.!)

Week Nine?

So I’ve been slacking off so much I can’t even remember the last time I went to the gym. But finally I felt so bleh that I dragged my fat lazy ass there at 6 a.m. and kicked my butt on the treadmill for a good solid hour.

I’m leaving for Italy in 20 days and I will be in shape, dammit!


So after four weeks of INTENSE working out, practically everyday, my workout buddy Katie got married. Her goal was to look good in her wedding dress…and I’m happy to say that mission was a success!

Now we just have one more month to get into shape before Europe…eek!

Week 4

I definitely see (and feel) some improvement. My arms are nice and toned, which is good since I am wearing a strapless dress to a wedding this weekend.

But still, my abs need work. sigh

Anyone know good ab workouts that tone you quickly?

Week 3

I’m getting discouraged. I am eating more than I did before I started trying to be healthy. And I now despise getting up at 6 a.m. to go to the gym and work out. And I’m not seeing any results! Argh!


Ok, I’m on week two of my workout regime. I’m happy with my progress though. I can see some definition in my arms and I can even feel a little muscle without flexing.

But, on a sadder note, my abs definitely need work. I’m too embarrassed to wear a swimsuit. A long, long time ago I had a six-pack but now it’s just flab. :(
Stupid freshman 15 at college. Pfft…I’m a junior now and still working it off!

One month to get in shape...ugh

One of my best friends gets married in one month. For some unexplicable reason, I decided to help her get in shape for her wedding. So three days a week we’re at the gym for 2+ hours, and then on the weekends, we swim for 3+ hours.

Kill me now.

Who knew getting in shape could be so painful?

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