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make a smaller ecological footprint

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Garage Sale

recycling used and old things. Keeping minimal posessions?? I have so much… stuff… It just sits and doesn’t get used. Why bother to have it. Especially if doesn’t have any value.


picking up bottles or cans I find while taking my daily walks. This is working double duty because not only am I recycling but I am using the recycling money to donate to the Take Steps Walk for Crohn’s disease and colitis.

I lost track of this goal

My mom got me a counter top compost bin. I empty it usually once a week. It does not smell and comes with biodegradable bags. I love it! The picture is not the one I have but close enough.

Passing it on to the next generation

The other night my family went out to dinner. Outside the restaurant was a garbage pail. There was some garbage on the ground near the pail.
My 6 year old pointed it out to me. It was not like oops I missed the pail garbage. It was under the bush near the pail and on the sidewalk. He said, “Mommy this garbage is disgusting. It belongs in the pail. You know we have to protect the planet.” Hence he proceeded to pick up the piece of paper that was on the sidewalk and put it in the pail. Then he picked up the one in the bush. It was so cute and I am so proud of him!!

Recently I have been thinking about composting

I don’t keep a garden or anything. However, every time I put coffee grinds and vegetable peels in the garbage, I’m thinking to myself what a waste I am making.

I added a compost pail to my holiday wish list.

Today i went shopping

at a market I usually do not shop at. They had some specials there so I went to pick up specific items there. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in there was a bin for recycling the plastic bags. I myself usually bring my own plastic bags but I was running low so I did not this time. So, I reached into the bin and grabbed a handful of those bags to use for my groceries. Very grateful.

I have been on this kick

of the reusing the plastic bags, not excepting plastic bags, etc. Went shopping to the grocery store today with son and hubby. I keep a recycled bag filled with the used plastic bags in my car so as I do not forget. Hubby comments sarcastically, “You love using these bags!” I said, yup you better believe it.

I bought myself

a new water bottle today. It has a pink ribbon on it. Part of the procedes will go to help fund a cure breast cancer. Two good things in one.

Recent talk with hubby

we have pledged to not buy bottled water anymore.

It really, really irks me....

and I think I might going overboard…. however, my co-workers all throw away their soda cans and bottles. I just stare at them sitting the pail all day with a cringe…. wanting to pull them out and take them home with me to be recycled. One night when they left before me and I pulled them out.

I need help.

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