Sera* in Denver is doing 18 things including…

Grow my hair out

7 cheers


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Sera* has written 5 entries about this goal

My wonderful niece...

...Amanda did my highlights for me. So, now I look like a real girl!

I will consider this goal finished...

...when I no longer need to clip up the sections by my face. I suppose these were once my bangs, but right now, I’d call them annoying. My hope is that I can get highlights and a trim before my trip to Mexico. And the crazy part of me would like a perm for the summer. How pretty would ringlets be for Toronto?

Very soon, I will need...

...a hair cut! My hair is doing a wierd mullet kind of thing. It’s not pretty, so I need to change it. A trim and new highlights will bring me back to the land of the living, I hope.

Next week...

...I’m getting highlights and a trim!

Colour and progress

As you can see by the pictures, my hair is not only longer but much blonder! It happens every year, I want to be a red-head for winter, and a blond for summer. However, and this is kinda’ neat, when I dream about myself, I still always have long, blond hair. I suppose it’s my “residual self image,” like in the Matrix. I’m eager to be able to pull it all back or stack it on my head again. That should happen by fall.

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