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Read Up on Salvadorian History


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Reading "Modernizing Minds in El Salvador"

I’ve made it to page 80. It’s been a good read so far and I bet I’ll be more than half way done by the time I get back to ES. I was surprised that the introduction and first chapter give a good background of what happened before the tumultuous 70s.

Periodically I've Stumbled Onto Interesting Info...

Yet I wish I could connect to the historical community (if there is one?) in El Salvador to get a feel for where historical knowledge is in this country. It is a neglected field in El Salvador either by design or by accident. I think El Salvador would benefit from a historical narrative that takes a point of view but not hold dear to either an FMLN or ARENA political ideology. It ought to be prescriptive, offer a solution to today’s problems based on the country’s missteps, and have an opinion.


Well, I’ve started by re-reading Born in Blood and Fire while reading A Brief History of Central America. I’m waiting for Open Veins to be delivered. I’ve answered a lot of questions I’ve had. This is a continuing goal, the next step is to take some courses at the National University.


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