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Diving is life...all the rest is just a surface interval...

Sooooo things kinda turned around for me when I realized I had a complete illiterate a@#%ole for a boss and ‘manager’. I got my advanced nitrox but my instructor and my fiance’ (who was a divemaster for the same scuba shop) both told me that, I really didn’t have to go any farther. I wanted to get my search and rescue done by Stephen Metcalf because well…hes Stephen Metcalf.

My fiance introduced me to Rob Murphy as well because hes really good at spearfishing. Stephen is awesome and was around a lot.
ok…so im just gonna chill as an advanced open water diver. I dont really need anything more.

So the diveshop scene is over for me.
I really thought it couldn’t get better for me but the owner wouldnt let me dive anymore. and as a deckhand, we dont really get paid. so i didnt see the need to invest anymore of my time with them. I had already done what I wanted.
I was there from late august 2010 to early July 2011.

Keep Going.

Yesterday I got certified for advanced open water. Sweet huh. next is search and rescue, but im not sure yet. I’ll be doing it next week if im going for it. :)

if you have any questions about diving.

I can answer them for you…its cool tho whatever.

Keep it coming.

Im doing the bookwork to get my certification for advanced open water. The forth and fifth of april, im doing my certification dives. Work has been crazy, and im trying to figure school up and out so diving has been pushed for sure to the bottom(istic) part of my ‘list’. i just have to keep diving, get that bottom time experience : )

:D one step closer

I just got nitrox certified this morning. My instructor was awesome as usual. The whole thing took about an hour and a half. :]
Next step i think is advanced open water.


I went diving last wednesday. swam with bull sharks. and lemon sharks. this was the kind of dive is the reason why i want all my friends to get certified. amazing. im so lucky!

Open Water. x]

So I figured this out today, I did my first open water dives, and this IS something I could do for fun for the rest of my life. When it was time to go in I was scared to the core, but I just jumped and equalized with every breath and next thing I knew we were chillin at seventy or so feet. I’m so lucky to have an amazing instructor. We dove the Zion i think is what its called, three wrecks and a ledge the second dive. We saw.. a big spotted ray, a Lemon shark, a nurse shark, a ton of fish, a turtle, an eel, jacks, idk it was really cool. There was SO MUCH TO SEE! The water was cold, I jumped in and was like uh-oh…ima be cold. but the second dive I wore two wet-suits. It was good. Its going to be a place where I am going to spend a good deal of time in the future. And inside I have found a deeper respect for the ocean. A greater love than I had a couple of days ago.

My First Dive

I did my first dive yesterday! it was awesome. lol. We saw a manatee and a batfish. It was pretty cool. I learned a bunch more and it was pretty awesome. :p My first open water dive is on Tuesday. sorry so short but the day is calling me :]

one step closer!

My first bridge dive is Saturday X)

It was Great!

I did my pool dive today. The first time I have ever put on a BCD or used a Regulator. I was familiar with many of the things my instructor was telling me. The day started out pretty cool, I arrived at the dive shop at the normal time, eight on the dot. The shop was not open yet so I walked around to the back and sat on the benches on the dock. A few people were arriving, and getting their gear out for the morning dive boat that was going out. A guy whom I have talked with many times and is a regular diver was there with me. He told me that he was being trained as a dive master, and part of his training was to train someone to do what I was going to do that day. I told him that he (along with the instructor) was going to be teaching me. Right away I was very comfortable because I knew and had been around him and the instructor. We got our gear together, (mask and snorkel [worst part], fins, wet suit, BCD, Reg, and Tanks). Down to the pool we went. So we get there, set up our equipment, wet suits on (mind you I haven’t been in a wet suit since a keys trip when I was five). We quickly realized that the water was really hot. It was 103°F. HOT! we did a bunch of junk. I was a natural they said. (prolly say that all the time idk). It was fun, easy(ish), and so odd. I was happy to learn and picked up everything pretty easy. The buoyancy thing I had a hard time with but that will come with the next dives I do. Im so happy and excited about this weekend, I am doing a bridge dive. :D

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Tomorrows the day for my ‘pool secession’. My instructor and I will go to the pool and I will put on all the gear and take my first breaths underwater! How awesome is that :)
I have been told that it will feel awkward with all the equipment on for the first time, im nervous but ready!

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