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List 100 Things That Make Me Smile

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Almost there.

Today is the day that I find myself on number 68. I see that this normally on average for others takes roughly one day to complete. I see this is not the case for me. I have found myself having a few days or even a few weeks here recently that have been less than ‘smile list’ worthy. Those days or sequence of days are the ones that make me want to start another list entirely titled. “100 things that can possibly go awry and make today suck”. I promise I have not written no such thing, yet. One thing at a time right?

My 100 things

I am still working on it, i’m on number thirty something. I’m writing it all down in a book that I keep with me so that when I experience something I wont forget it by the time I get to some paper. I noticed that I am staying a bit more happy, upbeat and positive because i’m focusing on the good.

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