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find 43 ways to decrease monthly expenses


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1. Buy store brands where possible
2. Brew tea at home instead of buying it
3. Eat in more instead of eating out
4. Plan food spending make budget meals
5. Do not buy impulse items think a few days before making purchases
6. Find free or low cost things to do
7. Buy clothes at thrift stores
8. Make list of clothing items to buy and only get those items
9. Ask myself do I really need it or can I buy it later
10. Plan ahead for birthday and Christmas gifts
11. Give homemade gifts when possible
12. Quit buying pens until I use all of the ones I have
13. Use up all journals/notebooks before buying more
14. Try to use items I have instead of buying new items such as when organizing
15. Play games I have for my DS instead of buying new ones or find them used
16. Stop buying books until I read the ones I have
17. Only buy yarn/craft supplies if needed for a specific project
18. Have game or movie night in instead of going out with friends
19. Write down where I spend money and review it then eliminate extras
20. Pack lunches for work/school
21. Don’t buy connivance foods such as single serving sized packages
22. Don’t buy non-nutritional foods such as soda and candy
23. Eat before grocery shopping
24. Make my own breads and muffins
25. Become frugal
26. Only buy vitamins when they are buy one get one free
27. Don’t buy items that have only a decorative purpose
28. Buy used school books when possible
29. Run outside and use SparkPeople instead of paying for a gym membership
30. Save money in a separate account, save a percent of everything I make
31. Check books out at the library instead of buying them
32. Pay off debts to decrease interest and fees
33. Get a place with roommates to keep expenses down
34. Borrow Jeff’s DVD’s instead of buying new ones
35. Don’t buy more craft/art items until I use what I have, this includes fiber and yarn clubs
36. Get scholarships to college
37. Shop sales and ads
38. Go to matinee shows when tickets are cheaper
39. Find cheaper/free things to do instead of shopping
40. Sell rabbits
41. Pack picnic meals instead of eating out with Jeff
42. Buy $20 broadband plan instead of the $40 unlimited one when possible
43. Stop buying collections


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