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Three More

Hot Tub Time Machine (fun, easy going, enjoyable) and Date Night (disappointing – did not find it particularly funny).

Also watched Eat, Pray, Love – mixed feelings about this. Really enjoyed the India section but felt the small amount of time given to her relationships with her husband & James Franco’s character meant I did not really get the impact of them on her life. Also the Italy section felt too self indulgent and unreal (great to leave your life and immediately get a new circle of wonderful and supportive friends). Finally the Julia Roberts character – generally did not get the sense of any real development in her character from start to finish. I did not feel that she had discovered anything about herself from her journey. By the end her indecision about her new relationship suggested she was exactly the same person as she was when she started. Not saying that’s a good or bad thing but it all then seemed rather pointless.

The Other Guys, Cabin Fever 2 and Greenberg

The Other Guys- hugely disappointing. Never seen Will Ferrell so flat.

Cabin Fever 2- Funnier than The Other Guys. Some very disgusting gross out moments though!

Greenberg- loved it – great performances.

Also almost forgot- Veronica Decides to Die – my husband summed this up as Buffy on a downer! I thought it was ok- interesting in parts.

The Switch

Forgot about this one. Saw it about a three weeks ago. Lighthearted entertainment. Jason Bateman is always good in my opinion.

Damned by Dawn

Awful. Not good. Flying skeletons – say no more!

You Can Count on Me and The Class

Both good films. The Class was a particularly interesting study of the difficult dynamics between teacher and students in a French school – particularly same week as watching Jamie’s Dream School!

Paranormal Activity 2 and The Last Exorcist

Enjoyed both – they were both slow paced at the start but had fair amount of tension and good natural performances.

The Browning Version

I love Albert Finney – the way he conveys painful emotions – something in his mouth & eyes. Amazing actor.

Two more

Watched Inglorious Bastards last week (enjoyed but wouldn’t rewatch – Christoph Waltz was amazing though) & The White Ribbon last night which was both thought provoking but very disturbing.

Youth in Revolt

Last week watched this. Pleasant enough film but nothing amazing. Kept me interested and did have some genuinely funny moments. Good cast playing quirky characters.

29 Jan Old Boy

Very engrossing and some really disturbing scenes – a few of which I couldn’t watch.


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