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I am so happy to write that my GPA went from a 2.2 to a 2.5! It’s not progress that makes you go WOW! However, I was in great fear that my GPA would have come out to be lower, but it isn’t which makes me happy. 2.5 is about a C- or C+. I just hope that with the classes I take next semester I do a lot better, that I may raise it a lot of points! I was wrong about my English professor, he gave me a B+ which is the same grade I got in Communications, the lowest was in music…I got a C+, which isn’t all too bad but like I said before,hopefully next semester I can raise my GPA plenty of notches.

Not happening for the Spring semester..

Spring 2012 semester is over. I already found out I failed my remedial math class,which sucks terribly. I’m so angry about this because now I need to take it in the summer.As for my other classes I really do not know what to expect because one: My english professor was such a jerk that I know he wouldn’t give me a decent grade. Two: Although my music professor was very nice and laid back, he was strict about work and I’m very worried that he won’t give me a good grade. Three: Communications 20, about speeches, is the only class I feel I will be getting a nice grade in, then again, I don’t know. But what I do know is that this goal hopefully will just occur in the Fall 2012 class.

As of now..

My GPA is a 2.2 right now. I mean at least I passed,but that’s not good though. I really want to work on bringing it up. I already survived my 1st semester in college. Even though I didn’t do as good as I expected, at least I was able to get a taste of what it was going to be like from there on forward.

I just hope that I do better. I’m taking 4 classes right now(Math,English,Communications 20,and Music) so I hope that I’m able to do it. I read a quote though that I really liked. I realized I need to follow through with what it said which is “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. I love it. I need to write out how I’m going to do this. I’m almost one month into the semester. It ends in May. Next month are midterms and right now are coming all the tests and essays. I already did a little bad on my first test which was in music,I got a 71. In Math I’m not doing too well on my tests which is just bad so I need to go to tutoring.I really need to make progress, I have to write out a strategy on how I’m going to do this. It’s all imperative to my career that I want and to the fact that I’ll be transferring to a 4 year college afterwards. Let’s do this! I’ll update every month to see how I do this. I know I can, I just need to make a strategy! God be with me!

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