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Telekinesis and Vortexes
Here is a video about a pk investigation I did in Sedona

Psychokinesis An Introduction Techniques Theory and applications

Chapter 1 Energies
I have put chapter one in video format I hope this is helpful for those learning. Shirak

TK pulse control Technique

Hopefully this is helpfull

Psychokinesis video

My definition of Telekinesis

Psycho kinesis/telekinesis

1. The manipulation of energies within the known and unknown laws of physics by act of intent the focus of this energy by means of thought to achieve the desired outcome by whatever convenient force/energy available. To achieve outcome not by muscular or mechanical intervention by solid macro device or object. An intelligent preconceived act of will/intention to direct an otherwise state of motion or rest without mechanical macro object intervention to cause said intent of motion, control by will the available energies to affect Newton’s laws of motion, that is by act of intent without macro mechanical intervention.

2. The focusing of any non macro force by will from object to object with obvious intelligent projection is also considered within the discipline of Pk, TK The projection of kinetic energy from body in the form of focused heat or electrical discharge. In the point you are projecting focused kinetic energy that is not the (mean/average) or within standard human condition of a body unfocused in the same application and position.

3.PK/TK Is a discipline, a system of logic intent and belief which allows the user to affect their environment probability outcomes and shift energy and mass in a controlled manner by non macro mechanical means but by act of intent logic and intuition. The manner in which Pk, TK is uncontrolled is often referred to as poltergeist.

New Technique forum

Just started this forum so please check it out and join

Float Levitation

Here are some training Techniques I use for levitation training I hope these are helpfull good luck.

yes I travel

Im a recreational pilot and travel the globe yearly. how were you able to speak tibet languange when you went to tibet? I thought China did not allow the tibetans to practice their beleifs? hhmm The tibeans did have a documented pre occupation levitation technique for large stones. Who were you able to study with? At any rate I have been practicing a little bit of fire tk latly but as for water what are its applications?

Diet and sleep

I agree keeping your body healthy helps with the mind and focus. When I Do pk its almost like I shift my mind into another level once there I dont need any energy its all around just focus. Ive started reading this short list of words to help me remember how to step into pk mindset ive been getting much easier results no more straining to get connected know what I mean?

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