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wear a bikini

6 cheers


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The Solidago Girl has written 4 entries about this goal


full body wax,check.
foundation check
buy a bikini check
wear a bikini check.
go swimming in it up soon.But for now the goal is off my list.

Week log

date things done things intended to do.
go swimming
get a bikini
full body wax
tanning lotion

Next sat,am going swimming :)

Well I can add this on my list of goals I am gonna make.

Lets see :)

Wear a bikini goal requires the following

1.a two piece
2.tanning solution :P,well a waterproof hopefully
3.a damn toned body….whatever I get after all my execise and work on myself.
4.a decent bikini that does the job.
5.easing into the process,swimming and stuff on the beach again.

The Solidago Girl has gotten 6 cheers on this goal.


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