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read 12 books

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Mostly technical books..March and February

Architecture Structures
Web Designing for dummies 5 in 1 edition

Rich Dad and Poor Dad

Its not as if I don’t read.I read daily on a constant basis,mostly surfing on net and skimming through articles.But actually sit down and finish a book?Its been a while.Well,I found this book my dad brought and started reading it.You have probably heard about it.Its “Rich Dad -Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Couple of things I want to share from that book.

One was to make money work for you.By passive ways of earning.

Second was to enrich in learning,but based on what you wanna learn.If you want to learn about cooking,you should be cooking.Similarly if you want more money,you should be creating money.

Third was what would I do if i was doing this for free?Often we get blinded by our paychecks,which become a blood line for disappointment.We spend our lives paying bills,and then working for our dreams. Kiyosaki says we should go the other way around,as in pay ourselves first.

Last was to give. Kiyosaki believed that was the way cycle worked.If you wanted money,donate money,if you want something badly,help someone achieve it first,give out first.

I recommend Kiyosaki. Really liked is books.

Up on list

Daughters of Fire
My old works
Textbooks =P

Books read till now...

1.architecture engineering drawing technical not finished
2.sam browne rigteous men,finished book web designing almost finished all types finished
5.daughters of fire barbara erskine reading

Week log

date things read things intended to read overall experience
28/3 software and architecture

Well progress

Once i finish the couple of books I am working on,I will shift to the rest.

Amen :)

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