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ShootMeUp in Guelph is doing 28 things including…

get a girlfriend


ShootMeUp has written 8 entries about this goal

Three Different Girls!

I got all prepared this morning.. Woke up with a positive attitude, and did a decent job with grooming and clothing. Went to school feeling like $1,000,000.

For chemistry, it was the last day for labs, and I thought about letting a certain girl in the lab know how I felt about her; after the lab, while she was about to walk off with her female lab partner, I stopped her in the middle of the hall by stepping in front of her, and SLOWLY told her that I thought she was cute… and smart. She started to blush, so I asked for her email address. Worked like a charm..

Also, while I was at the library, waiting for the elevator, a certain girl asked me how to sign out books.. I made fun of her lack of knowledge, and then ridiculed her taste in novels. I introduced myself shortly after and talked for a bit (as people were entering and exiting the elevators). I eventually got a number.

Third girl… I just finished my last lecture for the day, when I spotted a really hot chick just SITTING BY HERSELF, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE—on the floor, in a hall. So, I decided to sit down beside her… Made some comments we could agree on, and then introduced myself. Then asked her if she was waiting for the nurse’s office to open, so she could get free condoms.. Another number.

What a day. Putting theory to practice really got results!

Going up to random girls

I just can’t seem to do this… I mean, if I see some hot chick DOING SOMETHING (i.e. checking email/lecture notes on the computer at the library), I can’t seem to go over to her, interrupt her, and “pick her up” (so to speak).

Do I lack the sufficient confidence? I know I’m not perfect, but I WOULD say that I’m a fairly confident guy…

Maybe it has nothing to do with confidence, more so with sincerity? I probably (key word, “probably”) would appreciate not being bothered when tackling an every-day, semi-important task.. Then again, how important is that task? Surely, if it ranked lower for importance on the spectra, the reaction twoards the interrupter would be less negative?

Question: Do they (girls) like being interrupted? It obviously gets her attention, and does create a sort of “1-on-1” ideal environment. Hmmmm..

I’m probably just thinking that… you know, I wouldn’t want to be interrupted while doing a seemingly important task…

But I must realize that… another guy/guy would be different (all humans being different and all); oppositely ,he/she may be delighted that another individual is interested enough to put effort into the task of grabbing his/her attention. Wow.. I’m so weird; this stuff sounds flattering—who doesn’t like flattery?

Anyway.. Thinking about this, I will TRY not to hesitate about interrupting a girl, should I feel some physical attraction. And who gives a f**k if I’m “shot down”; there are hundreds of millions of attractive girls out there.

This stuff seems pretty tough.. That, or I’m just blowing things out of proportion, making things unnecessarily difficult for myself. Either way, I like how it’s challenging on the intellectual level.

Nothing Yet

Yeah… no girl yet. Damnit!

However, I’ve had tons of great opportunities to get something started.. I always see girls smiling at me, looking at me frequently on the bus/at lectures/etc., going out of their way to ask questions or just talk. I guess that I’m just too **ing picky.

That’s probably what’s wrong with me. I’ll never get a gf…

No way, I CAN GET A GF. It’s not impossible…

I should start taking action when I see certain signs from girls… And If I see a girl who I’m attracted to, I should go after her, right there—I am picky, and what are the chances that they’ll actually notice me? It’s the only damned way.



It’s been like two weeks since my last post and I’ve yet to get a frEAking girlfriend! Summer’s coming up and I’d hate to spend it alone.


What to do, what to do?

Back To The Single Scene

“Guess who’s back, back again…”

Back to single mode!

I can’t seem to put an effort into getting to know a girl when she isn’t drunk, during the day. It’s just not happening.

For the most part, I act like a complete weirdo (very stiff, uptight, and I make strange breathing noises when agitated, which happens often). I also don’t style my hair and most definately don’t wear cologne. Fuck fashion for all I care.

God, what’s wrong with me?!? The next girl that comes onto me is so going to be my girlfriend.

I got one!

We were at a party.

She started talking to me.

I thought she was drunk, but she was actually sober. This was a relief as having a conversation started by a drunk girl would have been rather demeaning – she was also “all over me”. Her actually being sober, I thought of it more as a compliment. I found this out a day later, mind you.

Anyway, we “clicked” after about twenty minutes of talking. Not only was there physical attraction but mental components as well.

I got her number after the party was over.

Called her the day after.

Now, we’re officially a couple.

Hope this one lasts for a bit.

Blonde Speed Bump.

So I actually tried getting a girlfriend today. I had a fairly good conversation with this blonde girl at a store so I asked her for her email – loss if I didn’t…

And I send her an email…

You know, stuff with “hello” and a few other questions – a minute’s worth of typing.

Her reply?

“hi whatsup i gotta go ttyl.”

Lol. Wtf is up with that sh*t?

If you’re going to reply, you might as well put some elbow grease into it… Wouldn’t want to make an ass of yourself now, would ya?

Looks like this wasn’t a myth after all…

Probably not a priority right now...

Getting a girlfriend has always been on my mind but never has it had a strong enough presence to make me take action.

I’ve had four or five chances to actually get one without doing ANY work at all and do blame myself for not acting… They could have been alright, right?

Perhaps if I see something I like, I just may take initiative… But honestly, what are the chances of that?

As shallow as it may sound, I probably just should “settle for less” and work my way up the ladder…

And the “prettier girl” says, “What could he possibly see in her? What does she have that I don’t?”


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