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Bye, Bye Sugar...

I figure one of the first things I am going to tackle in order to meet this goal is unfriend my sugary friends. :(

This will be extremely difficult, seeing as how we’ve been super close these last 30+ years! Sugar and all it’s aliases have been a constant in my life for so long that I just can’t imagine how I will survive without it!!! How do you say goodbye to something so delicious and scrumptious??!! I know it’s bad and I know it’s monopolizing my health, but I LOVE it so VERY MUCH!

It will take tremendous willpower, strength, and dedication to stay away from it. I seriously do not know if I will have the right amount of these components to get me through it; especially when it’s everywhere….at every corner, in every pastry and almost every drink! It’s sneaky and it’s aliases are so deceptive which means that if I am going to achieve this goal, I must be very alert and careful with my food and drink consumption.

Good luck to me, for I will need it, very much so!!!

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