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unite Homeless Single Fathers


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Homeless Single Dads united

No one knows like another single dad what we go through, we must unite if we are to survive. Two heads are better than one I hear, at last check we were over Seven Million strong. In anyones book we are an Army that has yet to be heard from, I am throwing this out there, we can make a difference for all if we come together and build on that. Here is my plan, we start by forming a co-op with a $10 dollar reg fee. Up front if we are only able to reach a third of the single dads nation wide, we have a financial base to grow from. After comleating the required legal part we move on to build a base, possible buying a complex that removes the need for Homeless shelters or hotels. Next we creat our own jobs by creating positions to seek out other singledads in need. In doing this we now have a financial base that lets us file for Non-profit status and reach out for those that already donate to our cause by showing that with us their donations will be truly used to do good. This is only the beginning, as a force working together there is nothing we can’t do..If you want more info are if you would like to join me send me an email at If you are a donar and would like to help with a gif to help get us started you can also send me an email at the same email address.


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