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Samuel Wang has written 9 entries about this goal

Dumplings for dinner

I’m an avid eater of dumplings (chicken, pork, beef, and so on). Tonight, for only the third time, I’m going to try making them. I just hope that the shells don’t come apart when I boil them (as has happened before), causing the stuffing to fall out prematurely.

Delightful dessert
Do-it-yourself Skor® ice cream recipe


(1) Hershey®’s Skor® Delicious Milk Chocolate
(2) Nestle® Real Dairy™ Vanilla Ice Cream


Mix (1) in blender for 30 sec. and sprinkle on top of (2).

A light meal

Tonight’s menu:

1. Tortellini with mushrooms
2. Caesar salad
3. Lemon meringue pie

A light supper

Tonight’s menu:

1. Seafood linguine
2. Niçoise salad
3. Apple crisp

A light dinner

Tonight’s menu:

1. Chicken risotto
2. Arugula salad
3. Crème brûlée

Steak stake-out

I’m going to try to prepare a “steak au poivre” (pepper steak) for dinner tonight. The ingredients are relatively straightforward, so hopefully there won’t be any major surprises/disasters.

Pizza my way

I’m making pizza for dinner tonight and hopefully it’ll work out alright. The cheese is mozzarella plus cheddar; the toppings are onions, red peppers, and chicken. I initially considered ordering Pizza Pizza or Domino’s, but finally opted to attempt my own pizza-like creation.

Le pain perdu

I made French toast for breakfast this morning, complete with a light coating of icing sugar and maple syrup. The whole process was a bit nerve-wracking (I’m right-handed, yet seem to have two left hands in the kitchen), but the results turned out to be worth it.

Beyond the microwave oven

To date, most of the stuff I “make” for myself to eat is “cooked” via microwave or toaster. It’s time to expand my food preparation horizons.

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