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Samuel Wang has written 5 entries about this goal

Staying organized, cognitively

I often focus a lot on organizing possessions – such as books, documents, and financial statements. In doing so, however, I sometimes neglect the importance of organizing less visible but equally important things – such as my thoughts, sentiments and emotions.

Office resuscitation

It’s amazing how easily and quickly my desk manages to get cluttered. But it’s perhaps equally amazing how easy and quick it is to revive it back into an orderly and usable state.

Digitally organized

This afternoon’s “To organize” list:

- Digital photos
- MP3 and WMA files
- E-mail inboxes
- Firefox bookmarks
- Back-up files

Order in the kitchen

This evening’s “To organize” list:

- Kitchen cabinets
- Refrigerator (contents)
- Freezer (contents)
- Cutlery and dishes
- Cookware

Organizational awareness

This weekend’s “To organize” list:

- Bank statements
- Books and magazines
- CDs and DVDs
- Clothing and accessories
- Computer equipment

Samuel Wang has gotten 3 cheers on this goal.


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