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Go to the velodrome at least once

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Not done. Not possible. Unless I really go out on a hard search for someone to do it with. And I would rather save that hard search energy for weekend trips.

Maybe barrin a weekend trip i could do this as a mercy goal. However if I still had my car up and running I could do it on my own.

suggested this as a date

to one guy I noticed liked biking. I think it’s an excellent idea.

BTW, I fixed the crunched cruiser for surprisingly cheap.

I also tried to sell the mountain bike, only to find the frame has a crack in it. My mechanic friend is looking into getting it warrantied for me, as Specialized frames have lifetime warranties. If not, then I will take this bike with me to Europe, ride it there, and before I come back I will strip it for parts and recycle it there. The parts I will use to build a new bike.

I'm the chick with three bikes

but I have to repair the cruiser as I stupidly crunched the fork with my car, dammit!

My road bike hangs, sometimes used.

My mountain bike mountains no more – it clunkily commutes.

But I dooooo like the velodrome. Just wear my gear, take my pedals, and go.

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