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So I have visibly lost weight and i down about 15 pounds from my biggest but when I stepted on the scale today I was up over 6 from 2 days ago whats wrong!!!!! I havent changed eating patterns or been bad or anything. Then I went for a physical to donate plasma and they said they though my thyroid was enlaged. I really dont want that but I will keep trying to lose weight the old fasion way. On the other end I have noticed an increase in energy since I have lost weight. YEAH


Well I am slowly losing but this refusal to step on a scale makes it hard to judge on the bright side i needed a belt to keep my “fat pants” on yes


Well this week has been good I think. I only had one day were I let myself go. But I always feel like I am eating too much. It doesnt matter what I eat. I may only have a salad with no fat dressing but it feels like too much. I hope this is just a passing stage or has something to do with working in fastfood and feeling like i have absorbed grease in my skin. who knows.

Time to try

So I am tryiung to lose weight to get my life on track. My Dad just had a heart attack a year ago at 45 and I am on the same path, I need to do something now. I have been losing slowly lately but am going though a major life change. I am worried that I will gain it all back. I need some support to make it though. If any one wants to help cher me on for my little goals great but if not thats ok too. I am going to write in here to help with the motivation. today I am over 200 actually about 228 i want to get to 170. I know I can do this. It will be hard though

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