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Getting to bed on time.

I am getting up on time most days, but having trouble getting to bed on time. Assuming I want to get (at least) 7 hours sleep, I would have to go to bed between 8-9pm, depending on the day. THAT IS HARD TO DO.

The bane of my life

I’m still failing to finish my #1 goal. Nothing I do seem to help change it. :[ How am I going to keep a job if I can’t get up on time?

I'm back at this again..

I can never stick with it! I wish this was an easier goal..

Still trying!

I’ve woken up between 9/9:30am the past few days.. I just have to keep it up and try for an even earlier time! But there might be a speed bump again.. I’m trying to get a certain job and the hours are all over the place, mostly overnights! But gotta pay what’s due, right? D:

Slept in.

I woke up at 11:30am today. It’s hard to get out of bed when it’s FREEZING morning weather. God help me on fix this.. I don’t want live this way anymore.

Might work out... we'll see.

I went spent 1 week in CA, getting up between 6am-9am because I HAD TO to get where we were going on time. That went well, but I accidentally slept in when I got home! I can’t do that again. :[

Nooo my sleepz

I was getting up at 9am(goal is to be up around 6am-7am) every day for about 3 weeks, but then I caught a cold… It completely screwed up my sleep pattern. Now I’m back to my old habit.. here’s hoping I can get out of it again. I feel so much better when I’m on a strict sleep schedule.

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