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stop procrastinating

11 cheers


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Somayyeh Mehri has written 2 entries about this goal

Shoes are now shining !

Shoes oh my poor poor shoes ! It’s been quite a while since I had this idea in my mind to clean them! It took such a long time that I almost consumed all my shoes and made them all dirty ! So today, I took a deep breath and ran towards my shoes and collected them all in the bath and started washing them for almost two hours ! Now I have 14 pairs of shoes all shining ! ;;) YAY !

I finally did the laundry!

Well, It’s been two weeks since I decided to do the laundry coz I hardly had anything to wear! I kept telling myself OK tomorrow, Ok tomorrow I ll do it, well tomorrow for sure it will be done and I was saying these things for almost 14 days! An hour ago when I was checking my lists here I notice this item and after a few seconds I went to do the damn laundry ! and now I am done ….Hurray!


Somayyeh Mehri has gotten 11 cheers on this goal.


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