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Much better

I’ve gotten much better in the last months, and I think I’m ready to call this done!

To continue on this path, I’ll set less vague goals in the future to keep me from falling into this habit again :-)

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Part goal victory

In the last two weeks, I managed to answer every email or call within reasonable time – my definition of reasonable ;-)

That is totally new and unheard of.

Now on to implement this goal to my nagging tasks at home and at work – some things are resting in my to do list for quite some time now!

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Answered Email!

I answered the email from my father in just one day!
Progress, progress :D


An email from a friend is sitting in my inbox. It’s been here for at least 8 days.
I don’t know why I didn’t answer it yet.
I want to.
At least I think I want to.
Sigh again.

I answered

my mails and messages within a few hours this week! I even called back somebody calling me on my old mobile (It was telemarketers, grml).
I have to work on the feeling of dread I get when I see a message or mail, I really have no idea where this comes from – but it’s a crippling feeling and leaves me full of fear.

I got a second, old mobile phone

I don’t use anymore – I got a company mobile.
It’s sitting on my desk, mostly uncharged.
Today I charged it to see if everything was ok and – I saw one voicemail and two texts.
Normally I would just ignore them for as long as I could – maybe out of fear of bad news or confrontation?
But not today: I called the voicemail (nothing, dumb phone) and read my texts – 2 calls from numbers I don’t know and one friend has a new mobile number.
Now on to look the unknown numbers up….

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