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A Tesla Museum!

I just discovered a IndieGoGo project to build a Tesla museum.
What a wonderful project – and it is successful!

I hope this comes to be! A small recognition to Nicola Tesla.

Olympics opening ceremony

I’m just watching the Olympics opening ceremony.

It’s very impressive, a lot of great and wonderful pictures.

That’s a promising start :-)

picture via instagram


We saw this car climbing our home mountain just before us today!

It’s a 1928 Ford Speedstar and it held up beautifully!

What a great way to travel at 35C!


I saw this car yesterday parked in front of my hair dressers.
It’s a promotional car – quite funny :-)

A mathematicians car :D

Happy Day :-)

I just got this beautiful flowers from my husband – it’s the anniversary of the day we first met.

Very happy!

D Day

Yesterday we watched a Spiegel documentation about two soldiers and D Day.
Severloh, a German soldier placed on Omaha beach and Silva, an American soldier landing on Omaha beach.

Even though the German wounded the American, they both managed to survive this terrible day and war.

They were able to connect some years after the war when Severloh read “The longest Day” and reached out for Silva, who had become a Ctholic priest in between. They connected and even became friends.

The picture shows both of them on Omaha beach.

The documentation ended with both of them walking over a soldier cemetery.


I just had to share this picture I found.

Isn’t it great? I love Jim Henson.

picture via pinterest

Home at last

My husband was released from the hospital today and is back at home.

He is doing great and healing fast. I’m incredibly thankful that he’s ok.

Thank you all for your thoughts, well wishes and prayers!

picture via pinterest

A swallows nest

Today, we found the old swallows nest in our garage inhabitated again.
My husband found two swallows locked into the garage and let them out. While he was still on his way back in, a desperate swallow flew into our living room.
I went to check what was going on – the swallows were looking for a way back into the garage and that most of the time means they have nested :-)
I opened the garage door for about 30 cms – big enough for swallows to fly in and out – and made a sign so that no helpful neighbor will close the door.

I hope they stay here!

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