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We visited the local casino yesterday – choosing the night of one of the bigger events there unknowingly.

The three course dinner was changed into a four course one – a very nice one, too. We enjoyed it a lot and even got an additional glass of champagne to toast!

On we went to use our chips – and not only did we win the whole cost of the vouchers back, but it also won a New Year’s Eve party at the casino for six persons.
What a nice idea. It might be a bit crowded, but the thought alone is a nice one and it makes me smile :)

So, we cashed in our chips without playing a second round and drove home happy.


The vouchers for the 3 course dinner in the casino restaurant and the chips for a nice evening in one of the casinos arrived and were given on Valentine’s Day.

Now on to plan an evening – perhaps in April? And where?
I’ll have to check out the available casinos and restaurants.

Planning for a fun night out :-)


A comment from Techkat reminded me to go and look at all my goals.
Here I am, and this goal has not seen much attention lately!

But I just googled our local casino and there is an offer of a nice 3 course dinner with a few chips thrown in – I think about getting that for a valentine.

Maybe I’ll get there this way :-)

I was

at a casino once for a vernissage, about 12 years ago.
Didn’t seem like much fun, but it was a very small casino.

Now I read about some big casinos near us (only a few hours drive) and they offer all sort of entertainement.

I’m curious to see if this is fun. Is it? I’ll have to find out.

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