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Fun :D

I’m still working on having more fun but I’ll declare this goal as done as I’m definitively having more fun than last year!
I’ve got some more specific goals – like “get out more”.
Perhaps I’ll open it again, but for the moment, I’m having more fun :-)

A lot of dwarves :)

We’re just back from watching The Hobbit in 3D at the local IMAX. That 3D technology took some getting used to and the special glasses they hand you, too.
All in all it was a nice movie, only it’s really long. If you saw The Lord Of The rings trilogy, you’ll have no problems guessing what’s going to happen next.
But we had really nice seats with lots of foot space and sofa like cushioning, so that helped :)
Of course, we’re going to see the next two Hobbit movies, too!

Peter Gabriel

It seems we got tickets to see Peter Gabriel for next year.
I’m so looking forward to that. We’ve got quite a few things scheduled for next year, now that I think about it!
Here’s to a fun year!


We just booked tickets for the Hobbit movie on the opening weekend.
We’ll be having a fun afternoon – we liked the Lord of the Rings movies a lot when they came out – and perhaps go out for a bite afterwards.

And we’ll be seeing the movie in 3D in an imax cinema…


Today I made the effort the put all the social and fun events planned in my notebook (I use Awesome Notes for that, so pretty ;))
And suddenly my life no longer seems boring and non-fun.

I think we’re on the right way!


I invited my husband to a nice dinner yesterday to start his birthday celebrations :)

We tried a new steak house, El Gaucho:

Where we had great steaks and they had a wonderful sauce bernaise! As dessert I had raspberry sorbet in rose champagne. I could get used to this :)

Afterwards, we went out for drinks to a nice Spanish bar that serves pinchos – we resolved to try that next!

Little talks

We just bought tickets to see Of Monsters And Men next year.

Woohoo! I hope that is going to be great fun.


We spent a fun afternoon at the local autumn fair.

We saw more whirlpools and lawn mowers than we would ever buy, watched the fun fair and saw wares from around the world :-)

And of course we saw the RC car race :-)

Iceland calling

Ooh, I received a postcard from 43T friend Forester321

What a nice card and a wonderful reminder of the great community and friends here!

Thank you!

Bear in the window

It’s the newest rage in the news:

It’s a bear in a window in Vienna. He already has quite a lot of fans!

Ain’t he cute?

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