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We're baaaack

The Bruce Springsteen concert was a great experience

We had a wonderful time!

The next day, it rained, so we nixed the Prater and visited Mme Tussauds (way overpriced) and set in cafes and watched people.

And now we’re back, with a lot of memories and without my favorite cardigan that stayed at a little osteria where we had lunch.

Woohoo, a postcard!

I got another postcard from Forester321

Such a nice card and isn’t it strange how much joy such a simple gesture brings?

Thank you!

Second concert after 26 years

I just ordered tickets for a concert in our town in December.

The “Toten Hosen” will be coming around and we’ll see them – about 26 years after I first saw them here!

The years are short and travel fast!

My first 43T vacation postcard!

I received my first postcard from a vacation of a 43T friend!

Thank you Forester321!

And such a nice card!

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After a (short) trip to the mountainside where it was cold and rainy we spent a lovely hour at a cafe at a local lake.
Sunny and 28C.
Aperol spritz and olives.

And now on to watch the Euro on TV…

My first 43T postcard

I got my first postcard from a 43T member!
Thank you cassilem!

I’d never have thought how fun getting a postcard would be!


Stuffed :)

Yesterday, we went out to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.
We went to the local Harley Davidson steak house and had some really great steak.
And dessert.
And then I was feeling so stuffed we scratched the going-out-for-drinks, drove home and opened a nice bottle of white wine and watched football :D

I hope we get more of those anniversaries!

picture via pinterest

Giovannis Garden

Today we visited a lovely and very big garden – full of roses and trees and lovely plants.
Two pot bellied pigs and geese and goslings and ducks live there, and beautiful modern art is exhibited in the garden.

So very beautiful.

Country day

We spent the afternoon on the countryside, having lunch outside, visiting a castle (Schloß Schieleiten, a boarding school) and driving along the “Apfelstraße” (apple road), a road along a lot of apple plantations…
I think I saw enough apple trees for the near future :D

Outdoor lunch

Today the weather is so beautiful we had our lunch outside in a wonderful cafe garden.
It’s a student cafe/restaurant/bar and looks so cozy and nice.
I look forward to the summer :-)

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