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Spatz has written 10 entries about this goal

Water water everywhere :-)

I’m going to declare this goal done – I’m using my water bottles daily and I’m carrying around my water bottle everywhere.
It’s so great in this heat – and when I felt dizzy from the heat today, it saved me for feeling faint.

Water to the rescue ;-)

One more bottle

I decided to get another water bottle for my bag, an insulated one, and keep the plastic one for my desk.

So far, I’m working on emptying those bottles, and I’ve been advised to drink more, so: I’ll carry the water bottle around!


My new water bottle is great. I keep it with me during my weekends and on my desk at work.
There’s 0.6l of water in this bottle and I manage two bottles per day, so that’s 1.2l of water more than before.

Goal for the next weeks: 3 bottles.


To reboot my water drinking goal – and to reduce plastic waste – I got a nice bpa-free water bottle using a filtration system.
Our office water is not that great unfiltered, it’s got a strange taste.

So, starting next week, we’ll see how the new water goal goes!

Water water everywhere

I did it!
I managed two bottles per day every work day!

Next project: no more plastic bottles, the amount of plastic bottles in the recycling bin at work is incredible.

Looking for a nice reusable bottle next.

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Getting into the habit

I mangaged a bottle of flavored water most days now.
And: the flavored water is starting to feel to sweet for my taste now.
Perhaps I’ll get up the courage to try mixing it half with pure water to get used to it.
Looks like I’m on the right way!


I’m slowly getting used to drinking water. I’ve bought some flavored water for work so I can sip on it all day long.
It’s not the best but it’s a way of getting used to it.
So far, I’m managing one bottle (0.75l) a day.

That leaves room to grow :-)

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Try again

I didn’t do too great on this goal in the last two weeks.
Now I’ve got a cold.
And I don’t feel like drinking water at all.

I’ll try again….

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Half bottle

To be honest, I did not drink one bottle of water, more a half-bottle.
It’s a start, but it’s definitively not enough.
And I don’t like the taste of tepid water.
I’ll check the water bottles I own and take one to work to keep the water cool.

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I'm always thirsty

and it seems the less coffee I drink during my work day – and the more fruit tea I drink – the more I get aware how thirsty and dehydrated I am.
So, a new goal.
For the start, I plan on drinking a bottle of water a day in addition to what I usually drink…

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