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The visit to the synagogue happened yesterday.
We met at the entry – a tiny group of only three people as the flu season was preventing the larger group that was planned.
After a short security check we were allowed inside – after my husband got to wear a provided kippa. No head covering for the ladies was necessary.
We were shown all around, and the small group made the tour very personal. We got to see the Tora rolls and all the symbols were explained – plus a very short comprehensive summary of the most important things to know.
We even got to see the social rooms where everything was already set for Purim. As the local community is very small, there were no big rooms.
And we got a nice book on the history of the synagogue as a present – a nice surprise.

I’m so glad we did it as it was such a wonderful experience – I felt so welcome. We were invited to join the cultural mailing list – a lot of concerts are held at the synagogue and that sounds interesting, too.

Now on to plan the next step: To visit a historic and bigger synagogue to get some comparison.


Thanks to the encouragement of my 43T friends, especially from Yisraela, I finally wrote the email.
19 months after writing my first entry on this goal I mailed the visiting service at our local synagogue and politely asked if it might be possible…
It is.
In one month, we’ll be given a tour of the synagogue. They’re even happy to show it to us.

I’d never have worked up the courage with out you, thank you!

After years

I have had this on my one-day list for ages.

We have a synagogue here in the next city, but I’ve never had the courage to write the mail to the visting service.

I even have the mail adress saved!

I’d really like to visit it one day!

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