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Hooray, my socks are finished!

It took a while but they are so pretty!

On to new knitting goals :-)

Nearly done

I’m nearly finished with my socks! I hope to wear them next week!
And I still love the colorway :)

At heels

My second sock is growing, I’m finally at the heel!

And it’s about time, it’s starting to get cold :D

Second sock growing

I managed to get my second sock into the sock-to-be stadium despite the heat!

I can’t wait to wear them. Well, ok, wear them once it’s colder

First sock done!

Hooray – I managed to finish my first sock! And I started the second one!

Isn’t it pretty?

Head over heel :)

I’ve knitted my first heel! On to the toe :-)

Slightly more sock

Due to the heat, not that much progress :)

More sock

Slooooowly the sock is growing :)

My fingers still hurt from the tiny needles, but I’ll get used to it.

Such beautiful colors!


I got the rib part of the sock done and started the sock part :)

Slowly getting used to the tiny needles after a my giant scarf :D

A start

To give myself something positive to think about, I decided to start my socks!
I’ve got this beautiful hand-dyed wool I bought on etsy and – it’s quite a difference from the xxl scarf!

But it’s already so beautiful!

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