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Frustration Reigns

So, I used to be really frightened to sleep in an empty house. Terrified, in fact. Now I can do it and actually enjoy it, what with the quiet and all, but I still get nervous about someone breaking in. Last night I didn’t go to bed early but I was good and tired and thought I’d get really quality sleep. As soon as I started to drift off, though, I woke up suddenly and I realized it was because I had heard an unfamiliar noise, and I knew it had come from within the apartment. I HATE that. I lay in bed for several seconds, listening hard, trying to determine what it was I had heard. After a bit I realized that it couldn’t be someone in the apartment, as I would have surely heard footsteps (my floors are so creaky that I would hear a cockroach tiptoeing). That left the Big Question. Well, of course I had to get up an investigate. It turned out to be a suctioned shower hook that had my shower comb and loofah gloves hanging on it, which when it fell would make the exact noise I thought I had heard. Whew. Mystery solved. Now to sleep…..HAH!!! Not only did I have yucky, spooky dreams all night, but I completely forgot that I didn’t have to work until the afternoon today and set my alarm for 5:45 a.m. By the time my tired brain remembered what time I actually had to get up, I had snoozed about half a dozen times. Essentially, I was never able to get decent sleep and even though I stayed in bed until 9, I’m still wiped out.

It *kind of* worked

I did go to bed, but didn’t go to sleep right away. Still, I feel more rested this morning, so that’s good!

Actively working on this goal now! Wait, wait -- Okay, now!

I am logging off and going to bed. Hopefully that will eventually mean getting more sleep.

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