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receive a letter from Hogwarts apologizing for the late owl but informing me that i am actually a wizard.


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It is Done

My darling, dears you are Wizards, Witches, Gods, Godesses truly. Your powers are unlimited and your creations immense. In fact your creations are so great you’ve created a rear view mirror reflection of a time, space and experience called Hogwarts but you’ve made yourself believe it isn’t actually reality! How incredibly fun and beautiful! Do you recognize how amazingly creative we’ve become in developing this story! We’ve painted an experience of some things we believe are Super Natural and out side of us, but they are actually US. They can be no other way. We are as much or as little as we can possibly think, create, believe and live! Create Bigger, Bolder, more Beautiful than EVER BEFORE! You are remembering WHO you ARE! It is MAGNIFICENT! You are MAGNIFICENT! FEEL WHAT IT IS TO BE! For truly there is only YOU! It’s All inside of you. The in sight is yours. But never, never worry for this is simply a beautiful adventure you are creating simply to experience. You cannot be lost, nor hurt. You can experience as much and more as you choose and you can never be lost but if you choose the experience is yours, but it is not YOU!
I salute YOU I welcome YOU home and I Love You, for truly we are one.


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