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lose 25 pounds

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-20. 80% there

Feeling better

253.4 today, down 19.6 lbs.
Should clear this goal in the next 2 weeks.


Joined fitocracy. Did a bunch of stuff just to get points, and did everything I set out to do.
I lifted for back. Did kettlebell swings. Shadowboxed for half an hour and yoga for splitstretches. Boom.

That token economy stuff works, man.

High Gear

-Better weekend for the food intake, didn’t eat nearly as much bullshit
-Running now because of the Zombies..run! game
-Tracking food on loseit.com
-Hit -10 pounds on friday
-at -8 today (265)
-Staring double OEP this week


PAGG Sucks. Switched to OxyElite Pro. Still paleo. Still lifty lifty. 267 this morning.

Operation Birthday week, successful

So I partied for 8 days straight.

I win. Plus, effectively undid all my progress from the last month.

Back in the Gym tonight. NASM’d out.
SMR, balance, then it’s Super Leg Lifting Day. Leg press, Hamstring curls, then 40 min HIIT on the elliptical. Front Split stretch training. Back to Pagg


Nasm program baselined. Didn’t get to do squats or deadlift 1RM but will finish that tonight. This week is full bore. Weighed in at 267.6 last night. Need to start sprints BAD. You know what would be awesome? If I had an elliptical or airdyne at my house. Meh. I hate sharing the gym.

This isn't going anywhere

Still Paleoing, PAGGing, Kettlebell swinging. Not getting enough results fast enough. Time to pull out the big guns, the NASM OPT program. I’m doing a full 6 day per week plan with the OPT, and doing a kettlebell 8 week swing progression written up for me by one of my PT buddies. Doing 1RM testing for squats, deadlifts, and iso presses this week.

PAGG Starts this week

So I spent the last 6/8 days kickboxing, lifting, or calisthenics. Started a fitblr which really helped me get motivated and added like 250 people so they’re all cheering me on and posting motivating pics and stuff, so that’s probably the biggest thing that keeps me on track right now.

I’ve been awesome at the working out save 2 days, and awesome at eating, save 3 meals. I’m still on a massive paleo kick, and probably will be for a long time. I completely got rid of soda for a week now, and started PAGG this morning. My water intake is nearing 2 gallons per day, but I’m happy about that because I need to wash out this drug stack and make sure there’s enough water in my blood system to carry it all where it needs to go.

I’m already more agitated and challenging, mostly because of the deadlifts and chest presses. I gained 4 pounds this week, but it’s sure not fat, I’ll tell you that much. In another week and a half or so, we should be seeing the slingshot effect where the new muscle mass starts that metabolic thing and the fat disappears.

First set of 50 lb kettlebell swings on the T-handle tonight. I probably won’t be able to walk right tomorrow.


Man with a combo of this desk job and the gourmet chef chick I’m seeing , I went up to 272 lbs. No friggin’ bueno.

I switched over to paleo and took off from there last week. Back on the treadmill/elliptical/bike. I hate aerobic work. Like really hate it.

I decided to go back to krav after I get paid this week. Fighting’s the only thing that ever kept me skinny.

I weighed in at 266 this morning, so I’m down 6. I’ll start the PAGG from 4HB next week.

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