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Maybe it is giving up.But I think I’m just a good a friend when I have little contact.I still help people when they need me….I’m just not a very social person.So…don’t know about this one….


Send an email to my friend Annemieke.She lives too far from me to visit.We try to keep in touch by email,but the whole keeping in touchthing is hard for me to keep up.But today I have send here a long email.


Called my best friend to ask how she was doing.I’m so proud of myself.Had a nice talk with her and later on with her husband.He said whe should all meet soon.They miss us.So I think I have to set a new goal.Visit my friends more often.


I’m just not a social person.I hate to speak to people on the phone.
But my best friend is going to a bad fase in her life now.So I ‘ve decided to call her this week to ask her how she’s doing and listen to her problems.I think she’ll be pleasently surprised.
I think I’ll call her tommorow when her kids are all at school.

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