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identify 100 things that make me happy.

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73. Freebies

Reaped some loyalty rewards for a free specialty coffee drink and a free lunch yesterday. Love places that appreciate their customers and encourage them to come back.

72. Making new friends

I consider myself a somewhat reserved (read: shy) person, so I’m always a bit hesitant to put myself out there when meeting new people. But when I do make the effort, I generally meet some really great people.

71. The brown line's Quincy stop

This is my stop for work downtown and I love that it’s a historic rehab complete with advertising posters in the 1890s style and original light fixtures. I’ve heard that it’s the oldest station still in use. Come five o’clock, I have plenty of details to look at while I wait for my train.

70. Eye of the Tiger lip sync

I love this corny video Supernatural star Jensen Ackles did at the end of an episode. Every time I see it I end up laughing.

69. Pop-up Books

I can’t resist looking at pop-up books when I come across them. I love how a good pop-up illustration seems to burst off the pages when you open the book and then fades down flat once you turn the page. With great pop-ups you’ll even get a little interaction (opening flaps, moving levers) which makes them even more fun.
The image is great pop-up from an Alice in Wonderland pop-up book.

68. Obama as President.

I am 100 percent happier with the likely direction of the U.S. now that Obama is President. No, I don’t expect all the problems to be magically solved overnight, but I do think his ideals align a lot more closely with mine and much of the country.

67. Watching Ace of Cakes

For those who don’t know, it’s a fabulous show on the Food Network about Charm City Cakes, a cake decorating shop. Each episode shows the shop designing, baking and decorating about three different cakes from the week. Every time I see the show I’m amazed by the creativity of each design and how well it reflects the client. The cake in the photo is one they did about Alice in Wonderland.

66. When the CTA bus and el synchs with my schedule.

Like when you happen to walk out just in time to catch the bus, which allows you to catch the El in time to get downtown and buy a latte before having to be at work.

65. Dark Chocolate

Delicious on it’s own, but even better (to me) with almonds mixed in. Or dark chocolate covered espresso beans—YUM! I know a lot of people prefer milk chocolate, but that’s OK, cause it leaves more of the dark stuff for me!

64. Sleeping In

I average about four to five hours of sleep a night during the week, so I absolutely love and need to sleep in on the weekends. I seldom schedule anything before noon on the weekends and usually it’s later than that. I like waking up and not having to worry about how much time I have to get ready to go somewhere. Sometimes I even roll over and go back to dreamland. Sure, I could be up and being “productive” but it’s the WEEKEND—it should be spent doing enjoyable things, and I would likely resent doing anything that made me get out of bed early.

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