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the world is so much better when you’re thinking of others, not just yourself. A perfect mix of the two. You need to take care of yuorself, but help others too.

Good luck. :)


I’ve officially become less selfihs, (and I learned how to remove something from your list when you’ve done it. heh.)

I’m less selfish and I’m really happy about it.



I signed up here close to a year ago, and I’ve worked on this. A LOT. I’m doing things for others, like going with my grandmother to a ceremony to honor her husbabnd and other people that donated their body to science after they died. It was fine; I liked it ok but I now know that’s not even remotley important; I didn something for HER and it was so great! As an added bonus, my mom then un-grounded me for that week. Yay.

I’ve done a lot of things this summer ‘for Karma’. Usually that inluded (while working a seasonal job at a racetrack,) I’d give the kids outside selling lemonade and water for RESONABLE prices a dollar or let them keep the change, ‘for Karma,’ I’d always say. Yay!


My parents were actually right about something! (hahaha)

Fear not, that was a joke and supposed to be ironic.

Anyway, the other night I was in my room watching Law and Order SVU (I love it, my favorite kind, the only one I watch, in fact.) So anyhow, my paretns are watching tv in the other room, and my dog is right there, being a pest, barking at them. Barking loudly, and he won’t stop. It was really annoying! (Imagine how my parents must’ve felt! Ugh.) I thought to myself “I was the one that said he needed obediance classes, I even offered up my own money for it!” But what did I DO?


And there enlies the problem.

So, my parents are right that I do care about others, but I don’t always help out if it means going out of my way.

Ugh. I feel like such a bitch!
I care about being a good person, and respecting others, social justice, etc. I don’t get it, this feels so out of character for me, and I know I must change it. I do like doing little things for others for no reason. Maybe makeing my paretns bed when I get home before they do, or getting my mom a DVD of a movie we saw together this summer, getting it for her for no occasion besides the good memories we had with it, etc.

So, any takers? I honestly want to change.


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