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I am truly sorry for this one.

In the past I was very judgemental about certain things…Especially about people that let their marriage end in Divorce. I just thought that was the most terrible (practically unforgiveable) thing a person could do. Of course it wasn’t that I hadn’t considered divorce myself at least 1000 times but I was so much Better because I’d never actually go through with it. Well you know what they say, Never say Never. I struggled so much through this decision. I lost tons of weight, cried more tears than I ever thought I had in me, walked All The Time and hardly slept for more than an hour or two for Weeks. And guess what? I was judged very harshly by many people and didn’t I deserve that one! Like they say…walk a mile in my shoes…I am so sorry…I am truly ashamed of my past thougts and actions against those who I am sure went through great anguish before making this horrible decision.

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