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Make a list of 43 fun things to do that are free or inexpensive

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I often come across fun things

like free concerts and lectures, but then I forget all about them before I have a chance to check it out. So I thought a list here would make it easier to remember fun options, that I can do even though I don’t have much money to spend these days.
- Lectures at the House of litterature. Many great authors and other people from different areas of culture give lectures there, there are several each week, and they are very often free.
- Lectures and tours at the different National museums of art.
- Operapubs, there are two pubs that have operanights several times a week, with great singers.
- Concerts at the University of music. There are several concerts a week, all free. They are student concerts, but well, people who are soon finishing their master degrees as musicians are probably just as good as many professional musicians.
- going to galleries. Some are free all year round, others are free during winter.

More to come. :)

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