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Cheap ballet tickets!

My ass and I are very happy! ;) I’ve been meaning to buy tickets to Nacho Duato, a ballet about Bachs life that has been reveing great reviews. But somehow I never got around to it. Then today, the opera suddenly sent out an e-mail with an offer of tickets to that ballet for 100 NOK. So I ordered right away for a friend and me, and we got great tickets on the 6th row, that would normally have cost 600 NOK each. Very happy indeed!

Watching Cora

meet with her extremely unlikely friend. Cora’s all time favorite hobby is chasing cats. The cats are totally safe, she never tries to catch them, she just adores running after them since they’re so fast. But this particular cat is so friendly she just greets it, she looks very excited but she lets the cat walk around her without chasing it, and they always greet eachoter nicely. She’ll walk after it, trying to figure out what this cat is up to, but nicely and calmly. So cute!


getting round to machine washing the sofa covers (or whatever the English word is, the fabric on my sofa). Having a lovely, clean sofa will make me very happy! I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, I do after all share my sofa with a certain poodle, who is sometimes wet and, let’s face it, not always sparkling clean. I do put blankets on the sofa to protect it sometimes, but sometimes I foget. I’ve always believed dogs belong on furniture, Cora is a member of the family after all. And I love having her on the couch with me when I watch TV or read in the evenings. So I simply bought a Cora-coloured sofa with washeable fabric.
But I use the laundry room for the whole building, it’s a bit of a hassle to do that, and there’s always clothes that more urgently needs washing. But today I finally got my act together. When they’re dry and clean, I think I’ll celebrate with a bouquet of my favorite flowers, tulips. :)

Watching Cora communicate with Tyson the rotweiler

It’s really interesting to watch how dogs comunicate when we just let them!
Tyson is 6 years old, but playful as an extremly gigantic puppy. Which means Cora has been absolutely terrified of him. There are few things she finds scarier than huge dogs jumping towards her. So she spent many of their first meetings jumping away from him and hiding behind me. But we meet him quite often on our walks, and after a while, Tyson clearly realized that this dog is scared, and that being playful and enthusiastic was not the way to go. So he calmed down completely. He started greeting her very calmly, and then ignoring her, checking out some interesting smells or something. Which is the perfect way to greet Cora.

Which means she’s now more and more excited to see him every time we meet them on our walks. It’s really cute! Today, she was in a super brave mood, and actually made play moves, lowering her front body and barking playfully at him. Of course, when he did come towards her, she hid behind me, there is a limit to the bravery. But then he looked another way again, and she came out from behind me, standing bravely next to him without being scared at all. Clearly there’s a lot of communication going on between the two of them, and now they understand eachother and have figured things out.
Dogs are just so adorable!


They make me very happy. Tulips are my favorite flowers, no question about it. I love that they come in so many colours, all happy and bright, reminding me of spring and joy.

Also, spring weather and a lot more light these days makes me very happy. There’s hope, the winter ends this year too! ;)

We’ve also had some nice encounters with friendly cats the past few days. Which, believe me, doesn’t happen often, due to Cora’s obsession with chasing anyting feline. But, there’s this one cat called Puma that lives nearby, who isn’t afraid of Cora at all. Cora and Puma have in time developed a rare friendship, or at least cease fire. ;) Often he just sits somewhere watching us when we walk by. But every now and then he decides to say hello. Then he simply calmy walks up to great us. Cora was at first completely astonished by this weird behaviour. She had no idea what to do I think. So when this particular cat comes up to us, she just greets it, calmy and friendly, as if it was a dog. Then today we met another one. It very suddenly came rushing up to greet us, clearly friendly and determined to say hello. This one was a bit more challenging, it made more sudden moves, which made Cora more eager to start chasing it. So I had to hold on to her harness to make sure she stayed calm. But they did greet eachother quite friendly, and he walked around us for quite some time, coming over to say hello, running around a bit and coming back. His owner opened a window and called him after a while. She said he adores dogs, she thinks he thinks he is one. ;) Animals are just so adorable!

One of the extremely few

norwegians who enjoy the fact that the country is now covered in ice. It was raining yesterday and now it’s below 0 degrees again, so the rain has become ice. Most norwegians, including me, hate it, it makes walking anywhere a serious health hazard. But then there are certain curly norwegians. One in particular.
Cora finds all the ice positively hillarious. The thing is, we have a stone hidden in a clever place so it won’t disappear under the snow, and Cora plays with it several times a day. And now, when she pushes it around with her nose and paws, it glides away like an ice hockey puck, really fast, with a big, curly ball of joy gliding along behind it, barking hysterically.
She makes me happy. :)


A magazine editor just called me out of the blue and offered me an opportunity to do a freelance article. That is brilliant! It means working like crazy in my spare time ofcourse, because I still have a job through february and this article needs to be written in two weeks. But it’s an excellent opportunity, he sais they use a lot of freelancers and so if he’s happy with my work, they might give me more. Supexcellent!

The Norwegian women's handball team

are World Champions! They just beat France in the final of the World Championships in Brazil. That made me very suphappy indeed! Noone thought they would have a chance this year, because many of the best players are injured. But wow, did they prove everyone wrong! Wohoo!
There are very few sports I care about at all, but women’s handball is a lot of fun. It’s huge in Norway, probably because it’s one of the few non-skiing related sport where Norway have a serious chance of winning gold medals. Noone really notice the men’s handball team in Norway, I have no idea who plays on the men’s team, while the women are super-famous. But well, that is what life is like for women in many other sports, I very much appreciate the fact that women rule at least one sport. So yay, go Norwegian handball women!! :)

A lovely hike

in winter wonderland with Curly Snowball! The snowball was supexited, it was her first walk in the forest since the snow came this year. And for some reason, we had the forest almost entirely to ourselves. I guess everyone else was out christmas shopping, or, more likely, desperately searching every grocery store for butter.
So just silence, beautiful white snow, sunlight and blue skies, and a supenthusiastic snowball bouncing around. Ahh!

Finding a new album

with favorite violinist Rodolfo Richter on Spotify made me very happy! I thought it might be a bit too non-mainstream for spotify, it’s John Cage arranged for a baroque orchestra, inbetween Vivaldis seasons. But there it was. And it’s brilliant! Ahh!

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