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Restore an antique bicycle

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"bringing it back"

The restoration project is waiting at my parent’s house, and I’ll pick it up this week. I’m really excited about getting this one completed.

"just checked"

My “dumpster” bike is currently stored in my parents garage. The name is “Comet” and the color is gold. Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures.

The plan it to bring the bike back to Oakland over Thanksgiving Break. I work with a bike aficionado, and he offered to help me out.

Once it is fixed up, I plan on riding it to work at least twice a week. That should not only cut down my carbon footprint, but help with the human weapon goal.

"from the ashes"

Back in 1998 I pulled an old bicycle out of an apartment dumpster. Yeah. I’m a scrounge.

I don’t remember the manufacturer’s name, but the bike is heavy, has a 1960s build, and built in England.

This is my restoration candidate.

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