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Back in the game

Had some set backs with injuries but I am healed up. Since my last post I have done P90X twice, Chalean Extreme, and Insanity. Also been doing other workouts but could not run. A couple weeks ago I felt good again, ran a few miles and felt my ankle hurting. If figured a different style of shoe might help so I got some new shoes (Reebok RealFlex) and started running in them. They were awesome and I had no pain so I decided to try the Vibram Fivefingers Bikila’s also. I have run about 10 miles in them in the last week. Today I ran 3 with no issues. I am running on gravel roads so my feet are a little sore and need to toughen up, but I love the Fivefingers! Both pairs of shoes are the best I have ever had and I get no knee or ankle pain in either. Maybe there is something to this barefoot stuff.


I have fought with knee pain for a few months. finally went away last month and for a month I ran in test shoes on an eliptical and only drove my truck. So what was the problem??? I have been plagued tooo long. Yesterday i had to send the test shoes back and sure enough, my pain came back. Today I paid attention to my running shoes (new balance) and noticed the left sole is offset at the front by about 1/4 inch. I never saw that before or i would not have bought that pair. It was a deformed shoe. I went right out, tested some shoes and bought some adidas megabounce+ 2008 shoes. Awesome shoes! About 30 minutes later I went for a 5 mile run and ran 7min 15 sec miles the whole way. That may not be super fast to some of you, but it is great for me, fighting injury for several months. After running we did 1 hour of sparring and still no pain. Thank God for finding some good shoes and pointing out the crud I had accidentally bought in October.

ps, Did I mention I LOVE the Adidas Megabounce Shoes???

Its Raining!!!!!

Oh how beautiful it is to feel the rain falling once again! I ran through the trails with the water spraying from each step, cooling me as the sky rumbled a rhythmic song. Looking like a child in a mud puddle, I danced in the stream.

Ok, enough of that. Great weather and a fun run today! Had to keep it short because of my feet sinking in the mud so much but 4 miles was fun.

Have a safe run!

Falling temps

No not the temp workers we hired in, though that might be funny lol jk. I dont have employees or temps. Went out this morning and ran 2 miles at 6.7 minutes per mile. Too hot to go any farther but it was worth it. I need to speed up my longer runs. Temps will be dropping 10 degrees or more tomorrow so I am looking forward to it. Really looking forward to fall again lol.
Have a safe fun everyone!

5 miles again

It is too hot! Even at 5:50am it was already 80 and by the time I got back it was around 85. Now that may not seem so bad but it has been 104 for days and I am starting to wear down lol. Ok, enough excuses. I still went out to run and will do my HIIT tonight. I sure can’t wait till fall though! I love cool and cold weather running!

Have a safe run everyone!

Cross training day

So every day is cross-training for me one way or another since I do HIIT every day. Still, today no running besides the sprints here. Heart rate was at 85-90% the whole time.

4 sets:
50 Push-ups
1 Sprint 1/4 mile
15 Burpees
1 Sprint 1/4 mile

Rest 1 minute

Even earlier

Running even earlier in the morning now. Supposed to be 100 most of the week. 4am runs in the dark lol. Im only doing 5-6 miles because I dont want to get too far away from the house in the dark, in the woods. Always fun :)

Easy morning (6am run)

Went out and did a 5 mile trail run. It was 65 degrees out! If I had the time I would have done much more to be in that weather. After the run, did the HIIT

5 Sets:
30 sec Burpees
30 sec Jump Rope
30 sec Jumping Jacks
1 bale roll (roll a 1500lbs bale 20 feet)
1 bale flip (flip the bale onto its end and back to its side)

Rest 1 minute

Im worn out. I love HIIT!!!!!

Have a safe run!

6 miles

Ran 6 miles on the trails this morning (I live in hill country). Felt great. It was only 73 degrees so it was an easy run. Looking forward to the 50s again!!! Will be doing my HIIT later. It is amazing how much endurance you gain doing HIIT and Tabatas. Even with all of my cross-training my heart rate was still around 88 percent at the end of the run. I got a Mio Shape Select watch to help keep track of my heart rate. It works very well. Best of all, they sell them at walmart for $38 now so it was half the price of everywhere else. I recommend them to anyone that wants to know if you are working hard enough or too hard.
Have a great run!

Nice pace

Still running and loving it. All of the pain is now completely gone. My pace is a little slower than it was but it sure does feel good again. Like others here, I run, bike (trail), lift weights, and walk a couple miles on my running days. Then on my off days I just ride and do pull-ups/sit-ups/push-ups. I must say I am looking forward to the cooler weather though lol. No one has ever thought I would melt but the Missouri heat could do it lol.

Enjoy the run :)

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