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teach my daughter to ride a bike

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She is doing wonderful. Its cute to see a 4 year old with a helmet taking to the trails on her little bike. We did get her a new one last week. The first one is now just a bit too small so we went up to a 16”. Its hard for her to get on by herself but she sure can ride it once she is on. Too bad they dont have a 14!
Good luck everyone!

She is riding!

Yesterday my 4 year old finally took off riding with her own balance and no one holding. She does not have the steering down while balancing but she can sure go straight lol. I cut a little track for her to practice on (just a 50×50 dirt circle). We will have her doing it all soon!
Take care :)

Learning balance...

She is doing good. Learning balance on our rough terrain may not be the easiest but she is doing good. I let go often for a few peddles and catch her again before she falls. There is no fear so that really helps. Just waiting for the balance to kick in and I am sure she will be flying.

This one is a bit of a challenge

She is willing. Then again, she is 4 and we live in the woods. The gravel, pot holes, trees, and small bike are making it a little harder on her. She isn’t big enough for a larger bike with bigger tires. Her poor little legs are pushing as hard as she can lol.
Poor thing. She is determined though, so I am sure she will succeed very soon. I raised the seat quite a bit today to give her more leverage.

1 down 1 to go

Have 2 girls. The last two days we taught her to ride. The first day was not going well so we cut it off early before either of us got frustrated. That night I thought of why she had problems. She is 8 and has had a bike since she was three. I determined she was just scared of falling. So in order to counter that, I decided to teach her how not to fall instead of teach how to ride. First I taught her how to start moving (staying off the seat and starting to peddle). Next we went to her hopping down in front of the seat and putting both feet on the ground to evade falling. Last, we practiced slowing down and then jumping down off the seat and onto 2 feet. At the end of that 20 minute session she started peddling without me holding ever and started to ride. Today she rode quite a bit by herself. Amazing how fast they can learn once you find out what is the hindrance. Now we are starting on the 4 year old with our new found knowledge. Should have her bike in the next few days and have her riding with us in a week.

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