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Done but...

I dont know you can ever be done with a fighting art but I am marking this complete because it was a waste of my time. I will pick a better form next time. A few at this one were way too caught up in tradition and greatly lacked basic skills. They preferred to degrade people, because their position allowed them the ability, than to spar and have fun there. It sure is sad when white belts are winning matches against brown belts after only 1 month of training. So much for Karate. Too bad there are so few options in our area. If nothing else, I still have a sparring buddy to work out with in our own time.

Great place

I am enjoying this. Not only do we get our Karate, but we also have a full gym, inside track, heated indoor pool, and full courts. We love to run in the woods but when it rains, it is too slippery to safely run so we used the track for an hour before our class. It was great. The impact from a concrete surface was a little different since we always run on the forest floor of leaves and grass, but it did not hurt for long. Our class went well. We did a lot of bag work. That was one of my favorites before Karate anyway so I am always up for it!


The reason for doing this was flexibility and balance. Stretching is the hard part. I have never been limber lol. We just started but I had been stretching on my own already to try to get a jump start on it. I cant say I have seen much progress. Any tips anyone? I did a 30 minute stretching session tonight after 4 tabatas.


Started Shukokai

There are only two options within an hour of where I live, Taekwondo and Shukokai Karate. After reading about Shukokai and meeting the sensei I decided it was the best one for me. I am wanting to work on balance and flexibility while maintaining a peaceful and structured time. After meeting with both organizations, I chose Shukokai and started Thursday. I look like an idiot out there right now, but I have never been self conscious so it did not bother me. I probably laughed at myself in the mirror more than anyone else.
I signed up my wife, daughter, and myself and prepaid for a year so we would stick with it no matter what. It will be great for the two of them also! My daughter lacks confidence. She is not self conscious or anything, just not proactive. This should help push her in the right direction. The wife just wants to beat me up and I’m ok with that lol jk. She has the same goals as me. We work out, run 5 miles a day, and do HIIT and tabatas together. This is the next step in our overall fitness goal.

Train Be safe!

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