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get rid of unnecessary possessions


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Working on it...

I have started this process. Anytime I see “Hoarders” or my husband complains I get more serious about it. I also did a fairly good job three years ago when we decided to move 1000 miles away. I still have quite a bit of things, but I realy try to donate on a regular basis, and I’m having a garage sale (things will be priced to sell, and what does not sell will be donated. Nothing will be brought back in the house. I think part of it is that I have many things with sentimental value to me. I guess I will know when I will be able to honestly make that I have done this, and I can’t wait for that day!

I have started, and will do much more this year!

I try to make a box (at least) for donation pick up in my neighborhood for DAV, ARC, etc, so that helps. I will work on a garage sale for this summer, and then I will just really go through everything in our attic. If I haven’t needed or used something in two years, it will go. I will keep all necessary documents and paperwork, but otherwise, it’s got to go!


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